What Is My Cause ?

Stephen Bones here and welcome to my web page. I have been in B2B sales just about all my working life, my last business was supplying products to retailers nationwide. 

The Economy

Due to the economy changing so fast and so did consumer habits. We had to then make a decision to close that business in January 2018.

This new journey enabled me to embrace the Digital Economy and understand the new way we all do business.

One of my new ventures was to retail products online, this I began in May 2018. I created my first brand MrB’s, BUT not wanting to just retail another product, to make a living, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted a cause, a cause that would impact the consumer and beyond.  

My cause for Mrb’s

” bring products to market that will eliminate the use of plastic’s ” 

I have two products available, 100% Organic cotton reusable mesh bags & Beeswax Food Wraps,  I sincerely believe they will benefit the consumer by impacting the way they shop , help others feel good for helping the wider environment.

Our superstores and Retail outlets are now starting to embrace the elimination of single use plastics. We have for many years used vast quantity’s of single use bags when we buy our loose items such as fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds , bread etc.

Work Together

Now is the time to work together and keep this trend moving forward. Our reusable mesh 100 % organic  cotton bags are incredible product to help you with your purchase.

They also help keep products fresh by allowing air flow around your food. They save you time by simply packing your items as you go in the store. put them through the check outs in the bags ( they are so light weight the cost is negligible) . Once you get home put them in the fridge or in your veg rack .


Click here : Reusable 100% Organic Cotton BagsFor Fruit & Vegetables