DYPT Derbyshire Youth Projects Trust.


I am so proud and honoured to have the privilege to be one of the founders of a charity that helps and supports children. We are so grateful to the Duchess Of Devonshire of Chatsworth, Derbyshire to be our patron. Our mission is to Support underprivileged children up to the age of 18 by creating adult educational projects whereby they can learn new skills that will impact their lives forever. Our aim is to use archaeological projects, which has

How It Began & The Trustees

 Derbyshire Youth Projects Trust developed from what was the Derbyshire Dales Youth Music & Drama Group, which Jon Belk ran for nine years, with Stephen Bones as treasurer and the Duchess of Devonshire as Patron. Thanks to her financial support, which continued even after the initial reason for her offering it had gone, we had a substantial amount to add to what we had raised ourselves over the years. When Jon returned to the Channel Islands to work, we, unfortunately, had to close down the group. The Duchess did not want this money back and asked us to ensure that these remaining funds went to a children’s charity.
Meantime, over the years Jon has been teaching and involved in extra-curricular projects with many of his secondary students. The archaeological side all began when Jon worked with Carenza Lewis at Cambridge years ago, with students from a Cambridge school and from Hope Valley, and it was clear that the processes and skills needed to work on a properly organised archeological project were ideally suited to making a first-class, extra-curricular educational project. Over time, working with students from several schools, it became obvious that archaeology is second to no other discipline in its ability to get students involved in exactly what they need in terms of collaborative working, attention to detail, confidence, interest, self-value and challenge and one project in 2015 showed clearly that it could help even students with behavioural or autistic disorders.
So Jon and Steve met and suggested that subject to the Duchess agreeing, they could perhaps use the funds to start a charity to enable us to pursue this kind of project. The Duchess subsequently agreed and that’s where we are at the moment. The fact that Jon has recently been teaching and working with some of the most disadvantaged and troubled young people in the area has served simply to underline to all of us how useful this could be. The Duchess has also agreed to continue as our Patron and wants to stay involved, which is really encouraging, and we have also received full support from Cllr. Judith Twigg, who is due to take over as Chair of Derbyshire County Council in 2019.

Jon and Stephen are so pleased to have the support of the following trustees;

Cllr Jason Atkin, Helen Akbary, Gavin Maclean, Alice Dear

26/04/19 We are now in the process of waiting for the number of our charity, we are all eager as this will enable the trustees to start the journey of raising funds for our first project!