Start your own business.

Do you need to escape from your present situation ?

Thinking of taking the leap to start your own business and gain the control that come with being your own boss ?

The RISKS of starting a traditional business are high, 60% FAIL in the first 5 years.

HIGH capitol investment is required.

The biggest RISK is giving up our present income to get started.

There is a solution

Start a business using the internet.

Work smarter not harder.

Keep your present job and scale at your pace.

Greatly reduced RISKS. 

Where do I get this knowledge ?

Allow me to introduce you to Stuart Ross, he will give you FREE information on how you can start various business’s using the internet.

Please respect this type of business is NOT  a ” Get Rich Quick Scheme” and a small amount of time and effort is required.

I will send you a series of videos from Stuart who will explain the basics of the training on offer.

He will also show you how YOU can start a business almost immediately 


How A Persons Mum Can Motivate Them To Do Extraordinary Things……..

In my humble opinion, we need a why in life,a meaning a purpose. I understood this last year after thinking all my working life, money would bring me happiness, it does !! ONLY when I had a purpose and meaning my WHY !!

How We Learn From Life’s Experiences


How Do We Feel 

I notice when I am in businesses working or just interacting, how the energy on a Friday or just before a bank holiday is so more positive, happy and generally feel good.

We all know why we all understand and would say “of course we are having time off” However imagine how we would have much happier lives be more productive and just enjoy our day more if we could feel these feelings on a Monday morning the same as Friday afternoons.

The question or the challenge is can we train ourselves to feel this way, we are going to be at our place of employment on Monday and the rest of the week anyway why not step into a new mindset, don’t let colleagues bring down your mood. In fact, make it a goal to lift and inspire them as well.

If you accept the challenge, remember don’t give up, you may fail the first few days but keep trying and see how it can change your outlook to your place of work.

What helps me is I meditate for 15mins every morning, I sit quite where I am not disturbed, I clear my mind close my eyes listen and focus on my breathing , then I focus on a place where I am always happy, it may be in a garden, on a beach, wherever you get that happy feeling . At first, this feeling will only stay with you a short while but the more you practice the more you have that “feel good factor” for longer.















My thoughts are that the bulk of companies do not train their employees properly. Do we interview looking for short term gain ie; have they got experience in said industry and can they be an immediate benefit to the company.
This can be short term thinking. If we look for trust, integrity enthusiasm willingness to work then train these guys properly, take the time to help then nurture them. They will become a long term sustainable solid reliable person to your business.




The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson discusses how small steps are always behind the major successes we see. We all tend to concentrate on the result, the winning post, the success, and forget that it all started with an idea, a thought, and someone took lots and lots of small steps may be for years to create the end result.

How life never stands still it either moves towards the positive or the negative

I am amazed by how schools are limiting our children’s thinking

When traumatic experiences can help a person understand the deeper meaning of life

When I had to bankrupt my company in January 2018 After a couple of months of been in a deep dark place I started to question the journey we have in life



When I joined the SFM in April 2018, my circumstances pushed me into looking for a change in my life, I am so glad this journey started for me as the link below will explain what exciting times we are in.The new industrial revolution the era of “Digital Marketing”