Not going to bore with educational stuff or long details of who I am. Suffice to say lets just talk about bits and pieces then hopefully you will perhaps know where I came from but more importantly where am I going ……………


The Beginning………..

I was born in 1959, my parents sadly split up and I was raised by my mother this was not the best time of my life as a child. I had an average education in the usual boring system, after short careers at sea on top of it and underneath it!! I ended up as a sales representative. I was a driven competitive sort of a person and I always wanted the finer things in life, I had a reasonably good life at this time, but I still always wanted more, I felt there was always something missing…….

After a number of company changes  I was working up the ladder to sales manager, however, I still felt this void I kept putting it down to needing more money …….. So I ended up putting some money into a company that was working within the same industry I had been in for the past 10 years and became a company director .  About this time in my life and for a further 8 years I felt settled, my income was starting to grow steadily and the company was growing. I married my now present wife of 30 years and we had, at this time in our journey, two children

Mid Life……………….

But there it was again that unsettled feeling .. this time it was because I was starting to be manoeuvred in the company , my position, even though I was a 40% shareholder, was under threat it was time to move on ………..

I Did move on it took 3.5 years to negotiate my way  out !! at the same time our third child made an appearance !!

The next move was to buy a business, so I started looking. I found one or two in the Dalton’s weekly ( the internet was now in it’s infancy so I had to use a hard copy newspaper !! ) I eventually found a business, a going concern and we bought it. After a bumpy start all was going well , the company was growing we were earning good money, holidays abroad etc……. but I just had another feeling : to enjoy it while it lasted , as though it was temporary, why ? I don’t know it was just a feeling. I kept dismissing this intuition.

Business at this time was getting harder  we were struggling for growth, our customer base, independant pet shops, were closing down fast, they were losing out to big discount stores, the internet and garden centres,  this was now about 2016. Our competition were huge company’s they were wiping us out on price, suppling other larger retailers, we couldn’t compete.

Another feeling I had,  “to engage with the internet to start selling on line”, I was scared to do this as I thought I would lose what few  customers I had left, BIG MISTAKE !!

The Future………….. 

By January 2018 we had run out of money the company was bankrupt, I was devastated I thought we were going to lose everything. I couldn’t think straight I was emotional and I don’t mind admitting I was frightened what are we going to do now ?!!

By April 2018 I had found the SFM/DEA I had a deep feeling this was the path for me , this time I followed that intuition. I am happy to say I am learning to succeed in this digital economy, building business and learning new skills, such as building this website. I also found my purpose, I am fulfilled this is a powerful change in our lives. I never thought I could learn to do new ways of doing business. 

When I joined the SFM/DEA education I did not realise that I was joining a community of some 2,000 like minded digital entrepreneurs that help and support me in all I do. These are people on the same journey as I am some with a lot of experience and some with none, but all want to see success for everyone. 

My wife’s and my life has changed dramatically since we have engaged with this online learning platform the SFM, my wife is taking a coarse on counselling, learning to help people, something she has always wanted to do. What held her back ? in a nutshell fear , how did she overcome this fear ? she started reading the same mindset books that I was reading, listening to inspirational you tube videos this gave us both the confidence to set new goals and face challenges and start a new journey of learning.  All due to this learning journey, something I just didn’t know was going to happen.

This learning has impacted our lives we have  set new goals for ourselves and our family, we look forward to the future knowing we are in control. Sure we get ups and downs but we keep a firm eye on our future and just keep taking small steps towards a better, happier and more fulfilled life. Would all this have been possible without the SFM ? I can honestly say no, we were not in a good position financially and to be honest my thought’s were just get a steady job so we could just carry on living, no inspiration, no goals, no fulfilment or purpose just take the safe option. We are so happy and grateful we have found this opportunity and thank Stuart & Jay for creating a platform of learning for all who wish to take it. 

If you had asked me before bankruptcy what was my purpose ?  I would have looked at you with deep suspicion , why ? because I didn’t know I had a purpose, I didn’t even ask my self that question. By working with like minded people on a learning platform developed by Stuart and Jay, I am on a new path, a new journey and I am grateful these two guys had a vision to create this space, otherwise I and a lot more would not be on this journey. The one thing I have learned ” If we don’t do something to change our circumstances nothing will change !! “

 My Interests…………..

When I was about 7 years old I was taught how to coarse fish, this became my passion for most of my life. In my early years 7-19 years old I lived on a river bank or lake side in all of my spare time. I was fortunate to live by the River’s Trent & Derwent in the midlands some of the best angling in the country !

I also enjoyed any country sports, mainly working with dogs always had Labradors a breed which I have always been attracted too. I was fortunate to get involved with Falconry when I was about 20 years old. At this point in my life I was waterskiing at Holme Peirrepont Water Ski Club near Nottingham, and other club member had a friend who was a falconer. I was invited along and became fascinated by these magnificent wild birds that were trained by their handler , hunted with them and sometimes decided enough was enough and just flew off into the distance !!

Another passion of mine is property, we ( my wife and I )  have developed and built property along our journey, we live in our 9th home and as I write this it is up for sale, we are moving on to our next adventure. We have extended our homes, built one from scratch rented some out for a period of time while we have developed others. The next property in our mind is our last one , but we never know what life brings to us , another opportunity may just cross our path!!